To celebrate the newest revealing of warriors to season 3,I am going to do my own verion of the fight:Vampires vs Zombies


Biting vs Biting

Both are the same technique,but the vampire has to get it on the nechk as far as I know.

Edge Zombie


Rip flash vs Claws

Eh,both are some what the same,but claws can be used other ways.

Edge Vampire


Spit(L4D Special Infected) vs Bat wings(Dracula)

Acid can kill,but you xan fly to great heights with wings and starve the zombies.Of course,the sun will be more powerful....

X Factor

Turn stuff into zombies vs Turn stuff into vampires

Same thing,different side.

No Edge given.


5 zombie had been walking through some road.They were hungry,and wanted to kill something.Suddenly,they heard a bat fly back away from them.They heard some noise,and they saw a zombie got cut up into peices by vampires.(Z4 V5)They saw a vampire,to which a zombie spit acid and killed him.(Z4 V4)The leader of the zombies moaned to keep moving and bite antthing that was not a zombie.The right-hand man then bit a tree,and got bit by something.They moved forward,and bit a less known vampire.(Z3 V3)

Dracula himself had sent his best men to kill the intruders.To his dismay,they were tougher than he thought.He turned into a bat,and quickly flew so fast he knocked a zombie's head off.They tried to get him,but anothe vampiregrabbed the zombies and crashed there heads together,but she got bit herself.(Z1 V2)The zombie leader han spit on a vampire that had gone out too far.Dracula laughed,and brought the zombie to eat,for a delightful feast.

Vampires Win!

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