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Starting BattlesEdit

I have joined this website to bring to you more battles, blood, guts, and kills. I have started out making blogs of two different forces on ( where me and a few of my friends on the site make battles.

I hope during my run here that I will please the readers and if I ever sound bias or did not put much effort into the article, please tell me. Thank you, and I will begin these fights soon.

Tkwarrior 05:48, February 2, 2011 (UTC)Timothy C. Kelly

Somali Pirates vs IRAEdit

One thing I have noticed about this site is that one battle, between the new, savage, killer fishermen of Somalia, that would go at any risks for money, versus the Irish terrorists battling for a century. It's a battle of two fearless fighters, so answer me this:

Weapons Pirates IRA
Short Range TT-30 Pistol Glock Pistol
Mid Range AKM Assault Rifle AR-18 Assault Rifle
Long Range PKM Machine Gun FN MAG Machine Gun
Explosive F1 Grenade Semtex
Special RPG-7 Flamethrower
Weapons Pirates IRA
Short Range EVEN EVEN
Mid Range AR-18
Long Range EVEN EVEN
Explosive Semtex
Special RPG-7


In an old warehouse, Five Irish Operatives are planning a new attack against the British SAS. As they were taking markers, and sketching on the map of the street, they were to preoccupied to hear what was going outside. Five Somali Pirates had gotten out of their boat, and were going to take the people inside hostage, but when one looked through the window and saw an entire table loaded with a variety of guns and explosives, they knew they met something not planned. However, the Pirates suggested killing the IRA, and then stealing their weapons, could be helpful. Two Pirates got on either side of the building, holding PKM's, and they shot out the windows, one dying immediately, the rest running away, grabbing their weapons.

Pirates: 5. IRA: 4.

The Pirates breached the building, and split up, where one was shot down, where a soldier was hiding behind a table. He saw another Pirate, blasting his machine gun, where the IRA duck, and shot again, but missed. He shot again, his table now broke in half with several slugs in it. The IRA had to make the next shot count, and was able to kill the Pirate. He looked for a better place for cover, and found the garage not to far away. Before he even saw it though, a grenade was thrown inside, landed under the van, which he was right next to, and it blew up, killing him and sending debris everywhere.

Pirates: 3. IRA: 3.

Another IRA soldier was running from another Pirate, as he had ran out of ammo. He didn't have any extra magazines, so he ran for the hills. After he jumped behind a desk, he took out his pistol, and shot, but missed. The Pirate randomly shot his AKM, and hit the IRA in shoulder, and he fell down. But under the desk he found a "golden ticket". When the Pirate came closer, he put the AKM barrel to the IRA's face, but when he looked at his hands, he saw the hose of a flamethrower. The Pirate was burned to a crisp, and the IRA got back up, limping. He saw another Pirate a hundred feet away, so he blasted the fire again, but an RPG warhead emerged, coming right at him. The IRA couldn't even move, and was blown to bits.

Pirates: 2. IRA: 2.

The Pirate that blew up the last IRA was soon getting shot at from behind, so he grabbed his AKM and the two had an assault rifle shoot-out. After a minute, the two running behind things for cover or reloading, the last Pirate, the leader, tackled the IRA from behind, took out his TT-30, and shot the IRA in the eye.

The two Pirates made their way throughout the building, looking through the place for the last guy. Was he already dead. Or were there only four to begin with in the first place. Neither could remember, but when one was pegged right in the heart with an AR-18, the leader shot back.

Pirates: 1. IRA: 1.

The IRA was hit. He fell down hard, hitting hid head on the butt of his rifle. However, he was not dead yet. He was barely conscious when he saw the Pirate walk up to the weapons table in front of him. He pulled out his detonator in his pocket though. He had remembered that in the confusion, these guys might want extra firepower, so he planted a glob of Semtex under the table. He pressed the button, and within a second, the table had exploded, along with parts of the Somali leader. Some of the guns were damaged, but most were fine. The IRA leader got up, and in his victory, yelled to the heavens, "IRELAND!"

Pirates: 0. IRA: 1.

The reason the IRA won was due to a more organized army and better more updated weaponary.

Weapons. IRA: 591 Pirates: 409
Short Range Glock: 54 TT-30: 48
Mid Range AR-18: 167 AKM: 103.
Long Range FN MAG: 279 PKM: 109.
Explosive Semtex: 39. Grenade: 19.
Special Flamethrower: 52 RPG-7: 130

Left 4 Dead Survivors vs Call of Duty: Zombies SurvivorsEdit

Two videogame, zombie killers, come to battle. Even though they are the last people on Earth, they are pitted against eachother. Who will prevail, VALVe's L4D, and Treyarch's COD: Zombies. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?

Insight: First, let's get to know eachother. Up first, the Left 4 Dead Survivors!

Bill: Bill is a war veteran from the Vietnam War. He is the oldest and most trained of his team, who will kill a Tank while smoking a cigarette. He is one badass.

Francis: Francis is a stereotypical biker, living on the wild side. He loves his vest, his tattoos, and himself. He is a dangerous guy, who hates many other things. Hopefully his hatred can pull him out on this.

Louis: PILLZ HERE! Louis, before the infection, was a lawyer who now stops at nothing to grab some peelz. He seems to be the most targeted of all the other survivors, however he can be somewhat good.

Zoey: Zoey was a normal college student, who had to evacuate the school when zombies invaded. She quickly picked up how to operate a gun, and killed zombies real fast.

Now, the CoD: Zombies Survivors!

Tank: Tank Dempsey was a Marine Corps Raider that is stuck with three other guys, in the middle of 1940's zombie apocalypse. He loathes ad hates Nikolai and Richtofen, however somehat respects Takeo. If Bill can take a Tank, can he take this Tank?

Nikolai: Nikolai Belinski was a Red Army soldier, who fought in World War II. Addicted to Vodka, this guy will kill you drunk. He seems to hate three of his five ex-wives, as he killed or attempted to kill each of them. Can this crazy drunk Russian beat the rest?

Richtofen: This Nazi Scientist is somewhat linked into the creation of the zombies. He fought in Illuminati, Wehrmacht, and Group 935. He is somewhat the smartest of these survivors, yet the most mysterious.

Takeo: Takeo, the only Japanese survivor, whose name actually means, "brave warrior" is the most determined of the survivors, yet he and Tank both had their memories wiped from Element 115, which Dr. Richtofen secretly knows about. He was in the Japanese Imperial Army.

Now, for the weapons!

Left 4 Dead Survivors Call of Duty Survivors
M1911 Pistol M1911 Pistol
Crowbar Knife
Pipebomb Frag Grenade
M16 AK-47
Auto Shotgun MP-40
M60 Pack-a-Punched.
Pills, Med Kits Juggernog, Quick Revive
  • Sorry, this got messed up.




After fighting pass the last level of Kino Der Toten, Tank, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo all are celebrating after killing the last zombie. They than wonder how they are going to restart the world. After killing almost six billion zombies, there was a doubt any people were left. They need to repopulate the world, but when there's four guys, and no girls, this was going to be difficult. Eventually they hear a woman crying. They all are relieved, there was a woman left in the world. They ran to the direction of the crying, only to hear a shotgun blast go off. They see the woman fall to the ground, having a rock sized hole in her brain. Over her dead body stood another man that looked like he was from an army, although his badges looked almost... futuristic.

"I hate Witches." said another man, who had tattoos on his arms, wore a black vest with a bloodied white shirt under it. "PEELZ HERE!" yelled a tie-wearing African-American man. "I hate Louis dancing around with those damn pills when no zombies are here and we are all fine." "Guys," whispered a pink-sweatered college-aged girl. "Who are those freaks?" as she had just spotted Tank, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo. "Show yourselves!" ordered Bill, holding his shotgun, the rest also holding their guns. The four came out, looking odd as they were all dressed in army clothes. "Who are you? Are you infected? Harmed?" asked Bill. Richtofen stood up. "I am Dr. Edward Richtofen. We are through a battle of dangerous creatures, and here are my allies, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki. We have defeated the creatures, and are looking for a way to repopulate the world." He finished as looking at Zoey. "Not goin' to happen, Doc!" she yelled. "You people talk strange. Not that you have an... American (he said this slowly like it was insulting) accent, but you seem to have a strange, er... slang. It is 'going' and 'Doctor'.

"What are you, fifty years old? It's 2008." "Incorrect! If you somehow traveled in time, it is really the late 1940's." "I HATE NAZI'S!" yelled Francis, as he lifted up his M16. Everyone else pulled up their guns. "You're Nazi's, the worst-" "Actually, with great honor, I am Asian-" interuppted Takeo. "VIETNAMESE!!!" yelled Bill, as he went crazy, remembering his past in 'Nam. He shot Takeo, dead. Nikolai and the rest started shooting, gashing Bill's arm. "Louis, give me the pillz!" "PEELZ HERE!" Bill took some pillz, and shot back. Nikolai yelled. He had dropped his Vodka bag, only leaving a Juggernog. "NO!!!" he drunk the Juggernog, and went into rage of his spilled Vodka. He was able to take down Francis, who was badly injured. "Med Kit..." before he could bandage himself, he was shot in the back of the head by Tank.

L4D: 3. CoD: 3.

"Francis!" yelled Zoey, and she shot her double pistols into Tank, who started firing his MP-40 into Louis. "Pillz...?" and he took another dose. He shot Tank in the face, and he and Zoey ran to Bill, shooting at Nikolai and Richtofen. Bill ran into a safe room, where he found an M60, and started firing, however missed. Richtofen pulled out his Pack-a-Punched weapon, and blasted the Ray Gun's laser. The two fought with incredible time, where Bill eventually shot Richtofen in the leg. He stood over Richtofen, put the M60 to his face, and shot, round after round.

L4D: 3.

CoD: 1.

Nikolai snuck up from behind Bill, and knifed him in the neck with his combat knife. Louis and Zoey just saw this, and shot at Nikolai in unison. He jumped out of the way, and shot his AK-47. The bullets nearly missed Zoey, but hit Louis in the chest. His chest had a gaping hole in it, far beyond reviving. "You asshole!" yelled Zoey, now the only one left.

L4D: 1. CoD: 1.

Zoey pulled her auto shotgun off her back, only making Nikolai laugh. "I LIKE my women feisty. But I did kill three of my wives, the bitches. Here we will have the devorce before the marriage!" and he shot her in the arm and the legs. Zoey fell down, only holding her shotgun in one hand, and aimed up. "See you in hell, bitch!" and Nikolai kicked the shotgun a few yards away, and shot Zoey in the chest.

"Oh f*ck, now I am totally alone. Last person on Earth. I should have at least raped her and waited nine months to kill her, if it was a she... Screw it, I'll steal some more Vodka from the store..."

L4D: 0. CoD: 1.

Even though the Left 4 Dead Survivors fight more different and assorted zombies, the greater training and soldier bodies of the Call of Duty Zombies made them kill more than live.

Left 4 Dead: 439. Call of Duty: 561.
M1911: 34. M1911: 27.
Crowbar: 4. Knife: 6.
Pipebomb: 59. Frag Grenade: 61.
M16: 104. AK-47: 118.
Auto Shotgun: 101. MP-40: 104.
M60: 137. P.A.P: 245.

Los Zetas Cartel vs Somali PiratesEdit

The Mexican crime organization which was found in 1999 into present day, grabbing drugs, kills, and deaths, and the kidnapping Piracy in Somalia, formed in 1997 to now, are kidnapping crew members to get money and supplies. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?

Zetas Pirates
SPAS 12 Shotgun Striker Shotgun
Beretta Pistol Tokarev TT-30


Zetas Pirates


After being killed by the IRA, a new group of the Somali Pirates try to find Ireland again for revenge, but get lost, and are stuck in a storm. They eventually find themselves in a different country, all of whom speak a different language than Irish, African, or European languages. They still think they are in Ireland though, and they see a similar building. They see vans after vans, loaded with rifles, shotguns, and pistols. They break into a van, which a car alarm goes off. A person from inside hears the alarm, and runs out, to see the Pirates. He runs to the one who broke into the car, and asks, "What do you think you are doing?" The Pirate just stands there, not knowing the language. "WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING?" the Zeta repeated. After asking one last time, and not getting an anwer, he pulled up his SPAS, and shot the Pirate in the face. The other Pirates quickly took out their guns and started shooting, killing the Zeta.

The rest of the Los Zetas Cartel inside hear the rapid gunshots, and run outside. Three of them engage in a shootout with the Pirates, as one climbs a ladder unseen, and finds his M72 LAW under a sheet. He loads it, and looks around the battle field, trying to find a good place not to kill his own teamates. He eventually finds an area, where a Pirate seems to have ran out of ammo. He fired the rocket, only for another Zeta to run up and try to kill him with his AK-74. The rocket accidentaly killed both of them, the exact opposite he wanted to do.

Zetas: 3. Pirates: 3.

Another Pirate saw the rocket launching Zeta, and pulled out his RPG. He launched it at the man, hitting the roof of the building, having debris ingulf the area, and no one can see the other. With just random firing, another Zeta killed another Pirate, the one loading another RPG warhead.

After another Zeta was killed by a Pirate hiding behind a tree, firing his AKM, another Zeta ran out of ammo, so both ran back into the building, where they grabbed more guns. One stayed at the door, having his Beretta ready. As soon as another Pirate turned, he was shot in the face, but the last Pirate shot his shotgun, killing the Zeta.

Zetas: 1. Pirates: 1.

The last Pirate had his Striker and his TT-30 both ready, but when he came to a fork in the hallway, he turned left, thinking he heard something in a room there. However, there were many rooms, and he had to give up great amount a time looking in each one. By now, he was scared, as the last Zeta can jump out from any which direction. He kept looking over his shoulder, just in case he missed something. However, when he heard a shotgun cocked, he looked back, to see himself staring down a SPAS barrel. A blast went off, the Pirates face exploding.

Zetas: 1. Pirates: 0.

Los Zetas Cartel: 548. Somali Pirates: 452.
SPAS 12: 102. Striker: 71.
Beretta: 27. TT-30: 26.
AK74: 325. AKM: 252.
M72 LAW: 94. RPG: 103.

Left 4 Dead(s) Infected vs Team Fortress 2 CrewEdit

Yet another videogame battle brought to you with the Infected of VALVe's Left 4 Dead videogames (including the special infected) versus another VALVe game, Team Fortress 2.

Let's get to know our fighters! First up, the Infected!

The Hunter - a modern ninja wearing a hoodie. The Hunter is one of, if not, the most fastest Special Infected of Left 4 Dead. He can jump from a hundred feet, on top of a Survivor, and rip him to shreds. His main attack his to leap and pounce. His clawing abilities are fairly strong. You can't help yourself when attacked, a teamate must help. He can end the game quick if no one helps. The only hint he gives is a low growl and a high-pitched scream.

The Smoker - a Gene Simmons monster gone bad. The Smoker has a very long tongue, that can stretch about a hundred feet long, grab a Survivor, reel them back to himself, and start attacking the person. If the victim is snagged by something than he will eventually choke to death. He is commonly noticed by his coughing, and is a little slow due to a limp in his leg. He can also kill the person if no rescue is assured.

The Boomer - a lazy, fat guy with a flatuence and puking problem. The Boomer is a zombie who actually pukes bile onto the Survivors, which, for some reason, attracts a horde of zombies to the puked victim. It takes a long time for him to ready another puke attact, so he sometimes walks near to the survivors, and almost commits suicide because he blows up on death, where even more bile is released on you if you are too close. His presence is indicated by his gurling. He is very slow, so tries to stay out of the way of fire.

The Tank - Weightlifting strongman on steroids. The Tank is a huge muscle man, who can throw cars, giant rocks, and can punch you off buildings. He is somewhat fast for a thing his size, and can incapacitate and kill someone very easily. He is known, obviously, by his very big stature and size, and his constant roaring. He seemingly uses his hands to walk like a Gorilla or Ape, but stands on his legs when attacking, throwing, etc.

The Witch - A sad, small girl who is desperate for happiness when there is none. The Witch is always crying, being indicated by her loud sobs. She looks like a normal zombie, however she has long, sharp fingers, used for slicing anyone up. However, the only reason she attacks is if you disturb her. Do NOT go next to her or she will start growling. She will reach out her hands, and if you have not left her by now, she will chase you until she kills you, but hopefully you have good back up. The best way to kill her is to blow her up, catche her on fire, or shoot her in the back of the head with a shotgun (cr0wned).

The Spitter - A skinny, fast, woman, with a spitting habit. Don't be fooled. The Spitter spits a very noxious and toxic acid, which injures you if you do not get out right away. You can hear the Spitter's cracky, high voice, and see a small acid trail to tell where she is. Like the Boomer, both spit out a soon dangerous liquid, that can affect you greatly later on. When killed, she also releases contents within her bodies, also injuring even when dead.

The Charger - Big, strong man, with great speed. Don't worry too much. The Charger is nowhere near the Tank in comparison. The Charger, of course, charges at the Survivors, mostly a tight-packed group, where he runs till he smashes them in a wall or solid object, where he starts pummeling them into the ground. Again, you can't save yourself, a teamate must. Only one person can be pummeled, as it only has one good arm the size of a human's body. He can carry the rest of the team with the initial target, but they can get up.

The Jockey - A maniaclly laughing crazyman that jumps on the backs of people, and rides them into danger. The Jockey can actually drive you by leaning around in areas that are dangerous (i.e.: next to the Witch, Tank, hordes of zombies, Spitter acid, Boomer bile, etc.) While doing this he claws at your face, already lowering your health until you are incapacitated. Once again you need help to take him off.

I recently did add the TF2 crew, however, it did not publish right, so these are the fighters:

Soldier, Scout, Pyro, Heavy, Demoman, Engineer, Spy, and Sniper. The Medic will talk but not fight, as he has no good weapon.

The TF2 crew is immune to the Green Flu.

The Special Infected have a special power to see through solid surfaces that allows them to see an outline of a person.

At the Team Fortess 2 headquarters (RED Team), The Medic has called an important announcement. He has found that there is a flu that is very deadly, turning people into monsters. The Medic says there is a good chance that the infected people can find and kill the Crew, saying that they should man there positions. They leave to allow Medic to study more on the flu and fight any monster that comes there way. The Sniper goes by himself to the highest tower to take down any infected that might be a harm to them. Meanwhile, a Witch has walked within range of the Sniper, and sits down peacefully (for now).

The Scout runs around the perimeter of the fort where eventually he sees zombies. The zombies notice him and go for him, but he takes out his baseball bat and... "BONK! BOINK! BONK!" after he cracked some zombie heads he suddenly realized more were coming for him. "I'm gonna headbut'cha! I'm gonna headbut'cha!" A Boomer spots this and waits around a corner for Scout.

The Spy has just been informed that the infected have a special vision where they can see anyone, no matter how far away, which also means that the Spy's invisibility will not do anything. He doesn't seem to care, so he goes off by himself, where he backstabs unknowing infected. A Smoker sees this and waits for the Spy while he hides to protect being shot.

The Heavy and The Engineer will have the big guns of the group as of the Heavy's giant machine gun, and the Engineer's sentry. However, a Spitter has appeared and is hiding, waiting to spit and disable the sentry and machine gun when the best time comes.

Like the Heavy and Engineer, the Soldier and Demoman will be working together, as they both have rocket launchers, and are the most unpredictable at this moment. A Hunter and Charger see this.

The Pyro found and teamed up with Scout, where they made a good duo. Pyro was good in clearing the way while Scout BONKed the ones he missed. Finally, the Boomer turned around and puked bile at the both of them, however, he caught on fire, soon blowing up. But his attack was not useless, as a giant horde was summoned and went for the two. They ran back, but the Pyro tripped, broke his leg, and was killed by the horde in seconds. The Scout however killed the horde, in respect of their loss in the team.

Special Infected: 7/8. RED Team: 7/8.

The Sniper has been easily picking off enemies for several minutes. He eventually saw the Witch, who was crying (like always). "Hehe, cryin' already, mate? Wonder what you'll do when I give you a daily dose of HEADSHOT!" and shot the Witch in the head. However, this just stumbled the Witch, and started running for the Sniper. "What sorta trickery is this?!" he dropped his Sniper Rifle, and grabbed his kukri and jarate. He threw the jarate at her, getting much closer now. He swung his kukri to keep her away, but only stabbed her in the neck with it, after she slashed her knife hands into his stomach. The two slumped back to the ground, both dead.

The Spy has snuck around the fort killing several zombies. He decided to walk back though, as he might be needed by his teammates. However, the Smoker that was waiting earlier was in perfect position. The Spy heard a sudden coughing. He than heard a short yell, which followed by a long, rope like, saliva endusing object around his neck and constricting his body. He tried to yell for help, but his voice was only short gasps. He tried to free himself but he noticed that he had dropped both his knife and revolver when he was entangled. Shortly after, the Spy's neck broke, and the Smoker had succesfully killed him.

Special Infected: 6/8. RED Team: 5/8.

The Spitter had the perfect chance to attack. She spat, destroying the Engineer's sentry, however, being literally sapped with it electrocuted him, killing him in a matter of seconds. The Heavy was luckier, however his minigun was starting to malfunction. "WHO HAS TOUCHED MY BABY?!" he roared. The Scout ran up, relocating with the rest of the group, seeing the Spitter on top of the roof. He took out his shotgun and killed the Spitter in two shots. Meanwhile, the Charger had attacked the Soldier and Demoman. The Soldier jumped out of the way, and the Demoman hit the Charger with his sticky grenades, however kept on charging and held on to the Demoman until the grenades blew up, killing both, sending gibs everywhere.

SI: 4/8. RED: 3/8.

A Tank was now approaching the last three of the heroes. With the Heavy's minigun malfunctioning, the only advantage they have was the Soldier's rocket launcher. However, upon seeing the Tank, the Heavy thought the only thing he needs was his sandvich and Dalokoh's candy bar. Even though it didn't fix his gun, he charged in firing bullets, however had to fix the belt multiple times. However, he got to close and the Tank punched him across the area. He threw a slab of concrete at the Soldier who had blasted and reload rockets. The concrete didn't hit head on, but when it broke on the ground, debris hit him, stopping his new rocket from going on course and hit the ground next to the Scout, blowing him away and injuring him. He popped some Bonk! Energy Drink: Cherry Fission and got a little better. He shot his scattergun again and was shooting the Tank from behind as he was more focused on the Soldier and Heavy. However, as he was limping behind the Tank, the Smoker grabbed him.

The Heavy saw Scout in trouble, and tried to make his way toward him. However, a Jockey jumped on his head/back and started steering him away.

The Soldier was now by himself, with just the Tank. He ran out of rockets, so he whipped out his shotgun and fired a shot, eventually killing him after a few shots. He tried to run for the Scout and save him from the Smoker, however the Hunter had now pounced from on top of the fort, killing him in seconds. Scout had died at about the same time, and since the Heavy was only severely harmed by the Jockey, the Hunter helped him out and killed him too. The Hunter, Jockey, and Smoker ran off into the night, on a search to kill more people.

SI: 3/8. RED: 0/8.

The Medic found his dead teammates the next day, where he had tried to tell someone, but was picked off by the BLU Sniper, with the BLU Team thinking that a new battle began.

Special Infected: 558 RED Team: 442
Hunter Kills: 115 Soldier Kills: 88
Smoker Kills: 89 Scout Kills: 64
Charger Kills: 111 Pyro Kills: 16
Jockey Kills: 43 Heavy Kills: 103
Boomer Kills: 3 Demoman Kills: 67
Spitter Kills: 17 Engineer Kills: 15
Tank Kills: 132 Spy Kills: 31
Witch Kills: 48 Sniper Kills: 58

The fact that the team usually splits up on normal occasions, where multiple infected working together is a big advantage.

The Hunters speed, agility, and fast killing power got him a good score of 115 kills. He can pick off one to possibly half the team one at a time.

The Smoker was also a good combatant. His choking power was best against the lone team members (Mostly against the sneaky Spy and the fast Scout. His biggest problem was the Sniper, being able to shoot and kill the Smoker farther than he can use his tongue snare.

The Charger also was a great player for the infected. He was able to charge, bash, and crush any of the team members, again because of the usual splitting up. He can also charge through the entire team, catching one guy, knocking away others, and severely injuring the grabbed one.

The Jockey didn't have as much kills as the other infected due to ability he can usually only attack one person until they are near death. However he can still claw until someone dies.

The Boomer scored the least amount of kills. This is mainly due to his supportive mechanics instead of the other more powerful infected. However, in this case, he was able to call in a horde that attacks any of the vomited team members, which can be dangerous to the team members that are more weak at the time.

The Spitter was able to spit and kill 17 times, which was very effective on the Pyro, Engineer, and even Demoman classes, which can explode themselves up and sap the sentries, and kill anyone too close.

The Tank had the highest amount of kills. He punched, threw, and just obliterated his way to the top. His power can also seperate the group, being wide open for the infected, and might even not be focused on them, but more the Tank. His biggest problem would be the Heavy with his fully automatic machine gun, and the sentries by the Engineer, and the rockets/grenades of Soldier/Demoman, and the fire of the Pyro.

The Witch, even though with insta-kill hits, didn't get much kills. However, she was able to kill anyone who disturbed her, which can be achieved with the Heavy's loud voice, the too-fast Scout, the backstabbing Spy, the fire firing Pyro, and the un-predictable grenades and rockets of the Demoman/Soldier, and the Sniper's bullets that shot the wrong target.

The Soldier blew up and shotgunned trough infected getting to a good amount of 88 kills. He did great damage to the Tank, blew up Smokers, and double boomed the Boomer.

The Scout was fast and quick and was able to help his friends in need faster than other classes. He however, might not be lucky when the tables turn, especially when teammates experience fatigue.

The Pyro was able to burn the infected, but to a low degree. He was usefull when the Tank spawned, however, due to the fire being his greatest weakness. However, his big hazmat suit and flamethrower slowed him down, which was deadly if he got attacked.

The Heavy had the highest kills for the RED Team. His machine gun, big size, and ability to take out anything was his greatest advantage. He was able to take out most of the Tanks, Chargers, Boomers, Smokers, and even the Witches. However, the smaller and faster the infected was (i.e: Hunter, Jockey) was his downfall. The Spitter also took him down by destroying his beloved minigun.

The Demoman, like the Soldier, was able to blow up most of the infected and do great damage to the Tanks. He, however, was not great when it came to no more grenades. He was good, especially with his Eyelander and Chargin' Targe, however he was still vulnerable.

The Engineer had the least kills. He was ideal for the Tank, however, if he was spat on, rode, hunted, or smoked, he wouldn't be great for saving himself.

The Spy was also not really great, for his knife and revolver being his only weapon, however was more sneaky. Even though the Spy could still be seen by the infected vision, with his invisibility, he was able to save a teammate fast.

The Sniper had a decent amount of kills. He was able to snipe most Smokers, Spitters, and Boomers from far away. However, when it came to close and personal, he had to whip out his submachine gun and kukri, which also gave him an advantage.

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