Hello, Wikia people! I am Tkwarrior, but you guys can call me TK, Tim, or Kelly. I am new to this site, as I have been working on another site, ( where a MrRattleHead, told me I should direct here once in awhile.

I am a teenager who has been ever inspired by weapons for some reason. I am also very creative, as you will see many... wild... battles under my name. I hope to grow up to be either an author, artist, or to fight in a battle at one point. My favorite shooter game is Call of Duty: Black Ops. With this, I have learned how much ammunition a certain gun holds, how it fairs against people, and strategy.

I know one video game can't make someone learn EVERYTHING about guns. I just love videogames, and the show, Deadliest Warrior.

My friends and I are very daring. My friend, Josh, and other friend, Jake, are interesting characters. All of us are good at fighting, armed or not. I have a Katana and a Wakizashi. I have Shurikens, and I know my way around. Hopefully, the people here at Wikia will accept me like they did at Spike.